International Journal of Engineering, Science and Mathematics
(IJMRA Publications)-
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Pages: 306-321

Date of Publication: 18-Jan-2018

Study of MHD Flow in a Rotating system with Heat Source and Time Dependent Suction

Author: Krishna Gopal Varshney

Category: Engineering, Science and Mathematics

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In the present paper, MHD effects on the unsteady flow of an incompressible, homogeneous, electrically conducting, viscous fluid through a time dependent porous medium past an infinite porous vertical plate with time dependent suction velocity under the influence of uniform magnetic field is studied. It is considered that the permeability of the porous medium decreases exponential with time. Using perturbation technique suggested by Lighthill (1954), the solutions for primary velocity, secondary velocity, temperature field and concentration field are obtained. In addition, expressions for skin-friction, rate of heat transfer, rate of mass transfer are also derived. The effects of important parameters on primary velocity and secondary velocity are observed with the help of figure. The effects of various parameters on skin-friction due to primary velocity and secondary velocity are discussed with the help of tables.

Keywords: MHD, Uniform Magnetic Field, Porous Vertical Plate, Unsteady Flow