International Journal of Engineering, Science and Mathematics
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Pages: 45-52

Date of Publication: 30-Nov--0001

Role of Nanotechnology in the Enhancement of Human Health - A Review

Author: Aiswariya K S#* Vimala Jose

Category: Engineering, Science and Mathematics

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Nanotechnology, a promising interdisciplinary science has revolutionized the food industry with its various applications. Nanofood describes the food, which has been cultivated, produced, processed or packaged using nanotechnology techniques or tools or to which nanomaterials have been added. The use of engineered nanomaterials has enhanced the color, texture, flavor, shelf life, most importantly in proper bioavailability of nutraceuticals through targeted delivery systems for improving the quality of living and health of mankind. It has also prevented food spoilage caused by microbes and oxygen entry and had enhanced micronutrient and antioxidant uptake through food packaging. Nanosensors had been used in detection of food spoilage due to their ability to trace the internal and external conditions in food. In this paper, recent research, developments, applications and risks of nanomaterials in different sectors of food industry are reviewed.

Keywords: Antimicrobes; Nanoencapsulation; Detection; Nutraceuticals; Toxicity