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      <JournalTitle>International Journal of Engineering, Science and</JournalTitle>
      <Volume-Issue>Volume 7, Issue 3</Volume-Issue>
      <Season>March 18</Season>
      <ArticleType>Engineering, Science and Mathematics</ArticleType>
      <ArticleTitle>Review of Li Fi Technology: Scope of Next Generation Communication System for Home Area Network</ArticleTitle>
          <FirstName>Mukta Jukaria                                       Prof. B.K.Singh    Prof Anil Kumar</FirstName>
      <Abstract>This paper discusses about the implementation possibility of li Fi technology within 21st century electric grid communication technology with more efficient and robust capabilities of smart grid. With increasing demand of large capacity, band width and speed, 5th and 6th generation power grid seeking for more valuable communication technologies for various Internet of Things (IoT) as the available and used centimetre (cm) radio wave communication become insufficient to fulfil the requirement of new era cellular systems. As establishment of smart Advanced Metering Communication Infrastructure (AMI) is a challenge to the researchers to considering the radio spectrum of millimetre wave communication. Till now we have radio spectrum based wireless communication system but now is time to switch to visible light spectrum. Li Fi can be the most suitable communication technology for 5G and beyond. This paper will review the power metering infrastructure for home area networks in smart grid. This paper will also review the current research work of Li-Fi application in IOT, characteristic of Wi-Fi, Zig-Bee and implementation possibilities of Li-Fi in Home Area Network (HAN) within a Smart Grid as a best communication technology in future.</Abstract>
      <Keywords>Wi-Fi, HAN (Home area network), Li-Fi, Internet of Things, Smart Grid</Keywords>
        <Abstract>https://ijesm.co.in/ubijournal-v1copy/journals/abstract.php?article_id=5002&amp;title=Review of Li Fi Technology: Scope of Next Generation Communication System for Home Area Network</Abstract>