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Assessment of the quality of electrical service in industrial sector in Lubumbashi, DR Congo

Author: Banza Wa Banza Bonaventure, Amuri Awazi Prince, Kanyembo Elisha Elisee, IlungaNgoy Michée

Category: Engineering, Science and Mathematics


Obviously, there is a great analogy between the size of industry and the need for electricity. Overall, large industries have high electricity needs, particularly because of various energy-intensive industrial activities. The main objective of this article was to assess the quality of electrical service in industrial sector in Lubumbashi. The survey covered 60 industries in the city of Lubumbashi out of a total of 125, representing approximately 48%, this percentage thus surveyed makes it possible to say that the sample is representative, exceeding 30%. The different industries have been grouped into 5 following categories: mining industries, food industries, foundries, plastic and semi-industrial.Whatever the type of industry, the connection to the electric grid is the connection mode used at 100%. The use of generators by industries may be justified by the fact that some of these industries experience some hours or even some day of power cuts. To alleviate this situation, the use of generators is a necessity for these industries. Globally, the majority of industrialists describe bad, the quality of the electrical service they use. This perception shows that the consumption needs of manufacturers are far from being met. In the context of an increasing growth of consumption needs in the industrial sector, the repercussions are felt in households where the quality of electricity they use is deteriorating.

Keywords: Electricity, Lubumbashi, Industrial sector