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INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING, SCIENCE AND - Volume 7, Issue 4 (2) , April 2018 (Special Issue FBSA)

Pages: 167-179
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Pharmacological Investigation with Tea Root Extract (Camellia sinensis) Depicting its Non-toxicity as Therapeutic Herbal Agent

Author: Papiya Ghosh (nee Chatterjee) *

Category: Engineering, Science and Mathematics


It has been reported previously that tea root extract and its triterpenoid saponins possess potent antitumour activities and significantly reduced solid tumour in mice. TRE also induced apoptosis in human leukemic cell lines K562, U937 and HL60 cell lines. In the present study we have investigated several other related pharmacological properties to ensure the safe use of TRE as a therapeutic agent in future. The results of the present investigations had depicted that TRE is non-hepatotoxic as it has not altered the SGPT and SGOT level significantly in CCL4 treated mice and rat.TRE had shown mild and insignificant effect on the inhibition of neuromuscular activities as revealed in the experiment with rat diaphragm. Macrophage activation by TRE can be considered as an important factor related to its anti-cancer activity. And also depict that the extract does not cause immune-suppression. The enhancement in the number of peritoneal cells by tea root extract indicates that TRE administration does not cause death of normal cells.Overall it can be concluded that tea root extract possess promising therapeutic potential due to its insignificant toxicity.

Keywords: Tea Root extract; Inflammation; Anti-oxidant; Neuro-muscular Effect; Hepatoprotection; Macrophage;