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INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING, SCIENCE AND - Volume 7, Issue 4 (1) , April 2018 (Special Issue FBSA)

Pages: 149-154
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A green method for the synthesis of 4 - Hydroxy - 4 - ( 2 - hydroxyphenyl) 2 - butanone using L - proline in aqueous micellar medium.

Author: Satyajit Biswas ?

Category: Engineering, Science and Mathematics


Now a day the green method for organic molecule synthesis is attracting more and more attention. To achieve such a green method it is desirable to replace the organic solvent by water, a green solvent. The L – proline catalyzed intermolecular aldol condensation reactions between salicyldehyde and acetone in aqueous mecellar medium was investigated. Reaction yields and purity of the product were observed to be greater than that of the corresponding reactions in any other organic solvents. Herein I wish to present my results regarding environmentally benign intermolecular aldol condensation reactions catalyzed by amino acid L – Proline in aqueous mecellar medium. The use of biogenic L – proline as the catalyst and the aqueous conditions make this method very attractive. The reaction takes place in the emulsion media, which assemble both hydrophobic aldehydes. L – Proline was shown to be a powerful catalyst in asymmetric aldol reactions. From the mass spectra and especially from NMR data. I can get the desired organic product with high purity without any long purification which is very much difficult when the same reaction is carried out in organic medium. In aqueous micellar media the reaction was run even at room temperature without any additional additives.

Keywords: Green Synthesys; Micellar Medium; L - Proline; water; Aldol Condensation Reaction.