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INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING, SCIENCE AND - Volume 7, Issue 3,, March 2018 (Special Issue)

Pages: 111-116

Date of Publication: 22-Mar-2018

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Hydrological modelling of Guntur basin using remotesensing and Gis

Author: V. Venkata Jyothi* K. Jyothi Pavan* Balakrishna Penta* M. Anupama*

Category: Engineering, Science and Mathematics


The runoff characteristic of a particular catchment area is mainly depends on rainfall characteristics, catchment characteristics and climatic factors etc. The main influence factor among these three is catchment characteristics like soil, land use/cover, slope, geology, shape and drainage. The geology of the basin is significant to the amount of deep percolation losses. The study of catchment characteristics is mainly stimulating the runoff for a basin. The land use/cover plays an important role in creating infiltration and evapotranspiration opportunities and retarding of runoff. Soil Conservation Services and Curve Number (SCS-CN) method broadly suggested the runoff volume calculation. Arc-GIS tool is used to develop boundary, drainage, digital elevation, flow direction, flow accumulation and land use/cover map etc. of the selected basin. For producing runoff, land use/cover and soil maps are used as input for the conceptual SCS-CN method.

Keywords: Runoff; SCS-CN method; Arc-GIS tool; Land use/cover map; Soil map.