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Pages: 202-213

Date of Publication: 22-Feb-2018

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Energy saving and fuel switching opportunities in Ceramic Products Share Company - Ethiopia

Author: Mebratu Markos Woldegiorgis ? Venkatesan Meyyappan

Category: Engineering, Science and Mathematics


Several energy saving opportunities in the ethiopia ceramics factory are obtained by this research and can be directly implemented in the factory. It is tried to classify some of energy saving options based on cost of implementing them and this is done by estimating the capital cost and annual cost of operation as well as saving that could be achieved by implementing the saving option and by calculating the payback period of the measures. The result of the current research has showed that more saving can be achieved by investing more on identified energy saving opportunities. Energy saving measures identified by the current research like reducing thermal mass of existing kiln cars, installing new modern low thermal mass kiln cars, recovering waste heat from cooling zone of tunnel kilns especially from glost kiln, installing high speed burners in kilns, avoiding dummy firing in tunnel kilns, reducing loss of products at each step of production, applying monitoring and targeting system etc can be implemented with low cost there by resulting in huge energy saving which can pay back the investment cost in less than two years time, for most of them the payback period being below one year. But above all the energy saving opportunity that can make ceramics factory competent in local as well as in world market by greatly reducing its specific energy consumption. This measure will require substantial investment cost and change in process and the reward will be very high; saving of about 50% with payback period of below three years.

Keywords: Energy saving; Fuel saving; Low thermal mass kiln cars; Payback period; Saving foreign currency.