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INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING, SCIENCE AND - Volume 6, Issue 8,, December 2017 (Special Issue)

Pages: 1072-1076

Date of Publication: 25-Dec-2017

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Moving Objects patterns in Data Mining

Author: A.V.S. Pavan Kumar* G. Dharma Raju** K.S.N.Murthy***

Category: Engineering, Science and Mathematics


Propelled innovation in GPS and sensors empowers us to track moving items, for example, people, creatures, vehicles. Action information of moving items, in some degree can mirror some inner and outside highlights of moving articles, how to utilize the monstrous high-exactness portable information recognize potential and significant example is the current problem areas and is additionally a difficult issue. Patterns mining have various applications in human versatility understanding, urban arranging and natural investigations and in different fields. In this paper we shows a general point of idea to understand the techniques and calculations in depth which are occurs when we test the issues of pattern mining and comparing the existing results on the same issues. It helpful to the research worker to understand the issues.

Keywords: Patterns mining, Frequent Pattern Mining, Periodic Patterns Mining, following patterns mining