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INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING, SCIENCE AND - Volume 6, Issue 8,, December 2017 (Special Issue)

Pages: 976-987

Date of Publication: 25-Dec-2017

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Performance appraisal of Variants of Hybrid Extended Kanban Control System by Analytical modeling and by using Discrete Event Simulation study in Lean Manufacturing Systems

Author: O. Srikanth? B. V. Ramana Murty2 ?? A. V. Sita Rama Raju ???

Category: Engineering, Science and Mathematics


Predictive simulation is a sophisticated investigative technology, which is employed to support intricate resolutions in the business and organizations. This paper gives an initiative regarding the relative performance evaluation of the proposed new mechanisms for the synchronization of systems facilities and the other machines in multi line, multi stage manufacturing environment. In the intelligent manufacturing environment, these methodologies are mainly to control and to optimize the facilities and the resources available using discrete event simulation process to model, appraise and contrast the process parameters. The performance of Hybrid Independent Extended Kanban Control System (HEKCS) and Hybrid Simultaneous Extended Kanban Control System (HSEKCS) was developed, modeled and compared their advantages and also studied their effect in a typical multi line, multi stage assembly manufacturing system to evaluate the performance parameters like Average Work-in-Process, Production rate and Average Waiting Time for 2880 hrs for both analytical and Simulation studies were performed with exponentially subjecting demands.

Keywords: Extended Kanban Control System (EKCS); Hybrid Independent Extended Kanban Control System (HEKCS); Hybrid Simultaneous Extended Kanban Control System (HSEKCS); CONWIP;