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INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING, SCIENCE AND - Volume 6, Issue 8,, December 2017 (Special Issue)

Pages: 503-510

Date of Publication: 24-Dec-2017

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Polycentric Prosthetic Knee Joint: A Review

Author: Rajesh Kumar Mohanty1 Sukanta Kumar Sabut2 R. C. Mohanty3

Category: Engineering, Science and Mathematics


A variety of polycentric prosthetic knee joints have been manufactured globally over the past decade and there has been ambiguity over prescription criteria, design parameters, kinematic performance of its various designs and counterparts. This article presents technical developments in analysis performed on polycentric prosthetic knee joint in the rehabilitation of trans-femoral amputees. A review has been made on polycentric knee models used in developed and developing countries with respect to design, modelling, kinematic, finite element analysis (FEA), and optmisation technique. The results reveal important research work to develop and implement standardized measures on prosthetic knee joints for their effective use, function, durability, and cost effectiveness. There is continuous progress to address limitations. However, more research is still required for developing more functional prosthetic knee joints by simplifying fabrication techniques. A computer aided modelling, design and analysis is used as an effective tool to optimize and validate prosthetic component design including its quality, performance, safety.

Keywords: Amputation; Analysis; Design; Finite element; Modelling; Polycentric; Prosthetic Knee