International Journal of Engineering, Science and Mathematics
(IJMRA Publications)-
Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal


Pages: 298-303

Date of Publication: 12-Apr-2018


Author: 1D.Rajaramanan, 2Sarathkumar S, 2Rangeesh Babu A, 2Sandeep Adaikalaraj L, 2Ranjith Raja P

Category: Engineering, Science and Mathematics

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Metal cutting process forms the basis of the engineering industry and is involved either directly or indirectly in the manufacture of nearly every product of our modern civilization. The cutting tool is one of the important elements in realizing the full potential out of any metal cutting operation. Over the years the demands of economic competition have motivated a lot of research in the field of metal cutting leading to the evolution of new tool materials of remarkable performance and vast potential for an impressive increase in productivity. Changes in work piece materials, manufacturing processes and even government regulations catalyze parallel advances in metal cutting tooling technology. As manufacturers continually seek and apply new manufacturing materials that are lighter and stronger and therefore more fuel efficient it follows that cutting tools must be so developed that can machine new materials at the highest possible productivity.